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Rabine Paving Texas leads the industry in world-class pavement engineering, innovation and advancements in technology. We set the standard for quality and innovation of parking lot services. Our team of civil engineers and project managers:

  • Get to know and understand your strategy and pavement services requirements for your parking lot.
  • Apply and share technical expertise in materials, pavement design, and techniques of the trade, which empowers you to make informed choices.
  • Continually push the envelope providing new technologies, equipment, processes and services.
  • Test and analyze so we can present insights and recommendations.

Once you know our process and expertise, you can trust us to execute safely, efficiently, accurately and within budget. We deliver detailed performance analysis that takes a long-range, proactive view.

Rabine Paving Texas has been recognized in the list of top 50 Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction contractors due to our leadership and reputation in parking lot services and pavement trends. We are also known for our emphasis on the engineering behind every parking lot project: Our civil engineers and consultants—specialists in pavement science—inspect each project and conduct pavement analysis to ensure a longterm solutions.

Asphalt Services

Foundation is key when it comes to asphalt. When building a roadway or parking lot, consider the strength of existing soils, compaction, proper drainage and adequate thickness of the road base and asphalt. Maintaining your pavement is also a vital aspect in maximizing the life of your asphalt. Performing the correct maintenance at the right time will ultimately save you money by reducing the frequency in which patching, resurfacing, or replacement is needed.

Concrete Services

Concrete is a great alternative to asphalt pavements. There are many benefits that concrete has over conventional asphalt pavements. Concrete is more durable than asphalt, it generally requires less maintenance, lasts nearly two times longer, and is 100% recyclable. In addition to the asphalt services that we provide, Rabine Paving Texas offers a wide array of concrete solutions. This allows us to truly recommend the best option to fit your needs. Using laser screed technology, Rabine is able to construct large scale concrete lots faster than ever before while also using less manpower. Though typically more expensive up front than asphalt, our concrete options are cost competitive when factoring in lifecycle and maintenance costs. There are many benefits to choosing concrete that include weather management, low maintenance, long lifespan and environmental benefits.

Pavement Marking

Marking is the final stage of any pavement project. Newly striped pavement demonstrates that customers and employees are appreciated – and in turn, this can improve traffic flow and protect against future liability.  Markings, striping, and signage demand regular maintenance. Weather, wear, damage from automobiles, leaks and vandalism can all cause deterioration. Regular maintenance of these areas keeps paved surfaces neat, tidy and in compliance.


Site excavation is done when damaged asphalt and sub base must be removed from the site. This process creates a smooth, uniform surface for the new pavement. Rabine Paving Texas recommends excavation if the parking lot has not been properly maintained and serious issues are identified. These issues include: faded appearance, cracks, fractures and potholes, puddling, crumbling, water drainage issues, water damage and vulnerable substrate. Excavation on small sites can be done using picks, shovels and wheelbarrows. Larger scale excavation projects will require bulldozers and backhoes. Dirt, clay, and aggregate are site excavation material types.

Storm Water Management

Parking lots serve an important function in storm water management. They are meant to move minor storms quickly and efficiently to the drainage system with minimal environmental disturbance. Parking lot service life can be drastically reduced from improper water drainage. Rabine Paving Texas offers excellent storm water management solutions for uses such as catch basins, pipes, culverts, detention and retention ponds.

Scopes and Site Assessments

Rabine scopes and assesses your lot and makes repair and maintenance recommendations based on each customers individual needs. Our experienced paving engineers and subject matter experts generate repair plans based on immediate needs, specific budgets, or optimal repair recommendations. Rabine Paving Texas works with a professional team to assess your property; this team uses data capture, digital mapping, predictions, budgeting, reporting and consulting.

Asphalt Resurfacing

Asphalt resurfacing is a common, cost-effective process of restoring your asphalt pavement to like-new condition. Resurfacing (also commonly referred to as an overlay) is the process in which a new layer of asphalt (typically 1.5” – 2.0”) is installed over the existing pavement. This process is typically performed after the top layer of existing pavement has been grinded down. Resurfacing is best performed on parking lots that have been maintained properly over the years and still have a stable sub-base. If large areas of fatigue cracking (or alligator cracking) exist, there may be the need to perform full depth patching of these areas prior to an overlay taking place. In general, an asphalt overlay is only as good as the base that it is being installed over.

Patching and Infrared Patching

In some scenarios, a full depth patch of the existing pavement may be required to remove heavily fatigued or potholed areas of a parking lot. Whether being performed in conjunction with a resurfacing or just to repair areas of need, full depth patching is the only way to properly repair areas in a pavement that are experiencing cracking. Recognizing these areas is easy but determining why the pavement is failing is not. Our experienced civil engineers will help identify the root cause of the failure and develop a solution to resolve the issue and prevent the pavement from failing in the future.

Colder weather inevitably creates an abundance of potholes every year. Potholes occur when moisture seeps into cracks, then the moisture freezes, causing it to expand and break. When the weather warms up, the moisture thaws and leaves the pavement damaged.

Asphalt Reconstruction

Sometimes the fatigue cracking in a lot becomes too much to manage and the only solution is to completely replace the pavement. This typically occurs when a pavement is neglected and proper maintenance is ignored but in some situations, the underlying problem could be much larger. Whether there is an issue with the sub-grade, issues with groundwater, or if the lot is under-designed for the traffic flow, Rabine Paving Texas will work to develop a plan to address it all. In situations like these, it is important to choose a partner who understands the large investment being made and is going help develop a plan to keep your pavement ideal for the next 30 years.

Eco-Friendly Asphalt Options

Porous asphalt is a natural, environmentally sustainable alternative to regular asphalt.  With porous asphalt water can drain through the pavement and into the soil, promoting the water cycle, minimizing pollution, and assisting storm water management systems.

Reclaimed asphalt is the process of collecting old material, crushing it down, cutting, and screening to produce a coated asphalt aggregate.  The recycled asphalt can be combined with other materials to produce structurally reliable asphalt with less of a carbon footprint.

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